HBC Country of Adventurers

When you're tasked with telling the epic stories of epic HBC adventurers in the epic Canadian landscape, you'd better make some pretty epic work. We paired the historic explorers of the HBC with relevant modern-day counterparts to tell the compelling – and uniquely Canadian - stories of our Country of Adventurers.

fig 1. John Rae - Les Stroud tells the story of John Rae: Explorer, survivalist, and quite possibly the biggest badass in Canadian history.

fig 2. David Thompson - Rick Hansen tells the story of David Thompson: An amazing tale of perseverance, bravery, and triumph over adversity.

fig 3. Country of Adventurers site - The historic adventurers of the HBC covered a lot of ground. We created an interactive map that allowed users to trace their steps as they explored the land that would later become Canada.